College Prep Creator Training

Students will gain in-depth knowledge about holographic augmented reality (HAR) and perform academic research in the field, mentored by professionals and Ph.D.-educated engineers.


10-Day Intensive HAR Training

(5-day if student participated in summer intensive)
Goal: help students learn and program their own HAR projects


  • Holographic AR Concepts
  • Holographic AR Design process
  • Holographic AR thinking process
  • Basic Holographic AR Programming
  • HAR related digital art and animation
  • HAR related basic User Experience Design
  • Visual Communication
  • Basic problem solving skills related to HAR programming/design


6-Month Leadership Training

Goal: empower students with leadership skills in the HAR field

  • Organize HAR-related activities such as hackathons
  • Lead outreach events (esp. to low-income communities and underrepresented minorities)

Potential Opportunity:  Training to become a holographic AR teaching assistant for younger students

If the student has reached a significant level of skill in holographic augmented reality project design creation, there may be research opportunities under the mentorship of Integem professionals and engineers.