Interact with Your Imagination
Create Your Own Holographic AR Experience in Minutes
Integem believes that anyone can use the power of holographic augmented reality to transform the world around them.
Holographic augmented reality (HAR) is a next-level type of augmented reality that enables people to see their real-world selves in an augmented world and to interact with the augmented world through natural human ways (e.x. gestures, body movements, voices, etc.).

Integem's holographic augmented reality inspires creative thinking about our world. Users are empowered to enjoy experiences beyond their own physical spaces, and turn their imaginations into interactable reality.

Integem is committed to bring holographic augmented reality into people’s daily life to bring limitless opportunities for human race in connection, communication, and interaction with the world; empower people from all ages to create and experience their own meaningful holographic augmented reality experiences.

Integem's platform does not require special hardware, coding knowledge, or glasses. In minutes, users can envision, create, and immerse themselves in their own, unique AR worlds. Our HAR experience is highly personalized, emotionally connected and visual.

Creative Professionals
Integem’s AR experience is highly personalized, interactive, and visual. Professionals may easily create their own AR experiences without depending on programmers. They can then implement these unique creations into store user experiences, brand marketing, customer loyalty programs, and customer education programs.

Integem’s platform inspires creative thinking, storytelling, logic, design thinking, visual communication, collaboration, and presentation within students. Students can easily create their own augmented realities that align with certain school subjects or create experiences for fun. A properly designed experience will show students the many steps of a project, will incorporate interactive learning, and will instill self-confidence in users.


Integem’s solution was built to easily enable people to create and launch AR content. No programming is required and Integem’s software can be leveraged on regular displays.

AR for Marketing and Events:

  • Interactive platform on which businesses can communicate their messages to consumers in a meaningful, unique way
  • A live consumer experience interacting within an AR world
  • Companies can embed their products into the AR experience
  • Consumers can capture selfies of themselves in an AR world
  • Integrated social media sharing
  • Works in both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Data analytics for marketing can boost customer loyalty

Digital Displays as AR Displays:

  • Integem Media Player allows normal digital displays to work as AR displays
  • Easy platform for quick content creation by businesses
  • Integrated social media sharing within store settings
  • Stores can interact with consumers using normal digital displays adapted to showcase AR experiences related to a product
  • Inexpensive consumer outreach in purchasing settings
  • Works in both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Data analytics for marketing can boost customer loyalty

AR Learning Platform

  • Professionally designed curriculum for (Pre-K – 12) students
  • Innovative, inventive content for students
  • Age 3-6 students can learn with parent/teacher aid
  • Age 7+ students can create their own AR stories
  • Integrated social sharing and project collaboration
  • Inspires expression, self-sufficiency, and creativity in students
  • Students learn how to analyze and solve problems from multiple viewpoints

Integem Key Benefits for Brands and Businesses

Ease of Creation

No coding, no complicated image manipulation. Professionals can create their holographic AR experiences within minutes.

Memorable Experience

When consumers see their own AR images in advertisements or marketing initiatives, their attentions are more likely captivated.

Emotional Connections

AR intimately connects a brand to consumers through interactive experiences.

Brand Advocating

Customers can share their AR stories on social media and become brand advocates.

Motivated Purchasing

Embed coupons or redemption codes in AR experiences to better reach customers.

Big Data Insights

Collect information from AR audiences to analyze for marketing initiatives and business intelligence.

Simple Application

Launch holographic AR branding stories seconds after creation.

Regular Hardware

No glasses needed, no special hardware needed. AR works with regular displays.

Integem Key Benefits for Students

Easy Learning Platform

Students over 7 years old can learn to create their own holographic AR experiences. Students between 3-6 years can learn to create with the help of parents/teachers.

Fun Experience

Students can learn vital skillsets while creating on a fun, imaginative platform.


Students create their own AR themes, storyboards, and activities.

Design Thinking

Students begin solving complex problems when creating coherent sequences in their AR stories.


Students learn how to logically create AR stories and worlds in a consistent manner.

User Experience

Students learn how to improve user experience and think through a user’s point of view.


Students learn to share story ideas, collect research together, and test different themes as groups.

Storytelling and Commmunication

Students learn to tell interesting stories and visually communicate them in a compelling manner.

Self Confidence

Research shows that interactive AR experiences help build self-confidence within users.


Integem iPlayer
    Immerse users into the AR environment in real time. Perform interactive control using body movements and hand gestures
  • Interactive virtual environment
  • Natural human gesture interface
  • Memorable experience with photo/video recording capability
Integem iCreator
    Accessible platform on which users may create their own AR experience content
  • Simple to learn
  • Fast in AR content creation
  • Build interesting, fun interactive effects
  • No coding – just click and drag

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